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Our Outreach Committee

Chaired by The Rev. Rebecca Morehouse, the committee meets annually and whenever there is a need to discuss outreach ministries, plan forums highlighting our ministries, receive incoming fundraising requests and make donations from the congregation's outreach funds.
Call Rev Rebecca  to get involved. 

The Episcopal Church of the Nativity is involved in many Outreach programs in our community, in San Rafael, and beyond. Please contact us to learn more about our Outreach activities.

Our April 2024  outreach program supports the St. Francis Novato Food Pantry.   Contribute here.


In August we provide Back-to-School supplies for children in needs and their schools.


Below are a few of the groups and programs we support on an ongoing basis:

Contacts: Kim Bromley   

Contact: Kim Bromley

Contact:  Nancy Barnes​

Contact:  Judy Richardson​

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