What does Nativity mean?

noun: nativity; plural noun: nativities
  1. the occasion of a person's birth.
    "the place of my nativity"
    • the birth of Jesus Christ.
      noun: Nativity; noun: the Nativity
    • a picture, carving, or model representing Jesus Christ's birth.
    • a nativity play.
    • the Christian festival of Christ's birth; Christmas.
    • ASTROLOGYdated
      a horoscope relating to the time of birth; a birth chart.
Middle English: from Old French nativite, from late Latin nativitas, from Latin nativus‘arisen by birth’ (see native).

or (our favorite definition), a great progressive Episcopal church in Marin County, California. Christmas Day is our feast day and we celebrate our half birthday in the summer!

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