Friday, May 13, 2016

Bishop Marc Visited Nativity on Rogation Sunday, May 1st

It was a beautiful day yesterday with Bishop Marc.  If you were there, I’m sure you felt the energy of having the Bishop preside and preach at our Holy Eucharist.  The Rev. Canon Stefani Schatz and Amanda Martin, the Diocese’ Planned Giving Officer were both happy to meet us and share their work and plans for the Diocese in the Q and A session.   The Bishop’s visit connects us and our work to the larger Church in important ways.  We shared with him our Nativity welcome, with beautiful breakfast and coffee hour.  We shared our ministry work.  The vestry talked about our senior ministries, our plans for family services, our outreach to our unhoused neighbors and the teens at the Alternative High School, and our plans for reaching out to community organizations who might want to share our space during the week.  We talked about our  collaborative work with our sister congregations in Marin.  Canon Stefani and Amanda talked about their plans for growing the Diocesan endowment and enlivening the Diocesan ministries with Episcopal Charities and expanded congregational resources. We were invited to join the Diocesan Expanding Horizons capital campaign (more about this later).   Bishop Marc talked about his work for the Presiding Bishop on addressing Climate Change—both with our congregations and by adding our voice to advocacy efforts through the United Nations negotiations. 

There was so much to talk about, but if there was a theme for our day with the Bishop, I would say it was a theme of, “We are stronger when we work together.”  Or put another way,  “We are called to help one another.”  Bishop Marc preached about our passage from John 5. In the story, Jesus heals the man who has been sick and cannot make his way into the pool, after asking him, “Do you want to be made well?”  Bishop Marc talked about need for all of us to ask for help, and to offer help freely to one another.   Jesus shows us how to be healed and how to be disciples.  In working together, we find God’s healing and new life.   We at Nativity know this way of being with our neighbors, with our sister congregations in northern Marin, with our Diocese, and the Episcopal Church. 

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