Monday, February 16, 2015

Celebration of Music MInistry, Marian Marsh, Organist and Choir Director, February 15, 2015

Marian Marsh has been Nativity’s Music Director and Organist since 2002.  She coached and led the congregation in song.  Marian’s husband David Wade was a strong voice in the choir.  Together, they helped to create a sense of community in the choir and their joy in singing encouraged the entire congregation to lift their voices.  Marian often invited young people in the choir to solo or contribute instrumental music.

While Marian has been at Nativity, she continued her vocal teaching at Dominican College, the College of Marin, and San Domenico School.  Her students and instrumentalist colleagues have frequently brought their musical gifts to Nativity’s worship.  

Prior to her work at Nativity, Marian served as Choir Director and soloist in many congregations.  She is well known for her classical and popular music performances with orchestras and festivals.  Marian is revered as a lyric soprano, and renown for her teaching.  

We pay tribute to Marian’s music ministry and to the ministry of the many choir members who have worked with her over the past dozen years.   Marian has said,  “I believe in easy singing.  One’s technique should be so simple . . . Vocalize often using correct breath and your voice will last a lifetime..”    It is easy to see how her own technique has allowed her to be a leader of church music for more than fifty years.  The lessons that she has taught at Nativity and the choir community she has fostered will help us to continue singing joyfully into the years to come. 

Today we said goodbye and blessed Marian, thanking her for her ministry and wishing her well as she undertakes her next endeavors.   Here are some lovely pictures of our worship (photo credits, Kim Bromley)

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