Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thank you, Anonymous!

Dear all,

Often, when I drive to church, I notice that our sandwich board sign(s) have fallen down. Most of the time, I try and pull over and right them. Once in a while I will drive by for a day or two, then stop! And sometimes, one of you, or perhaps an anonymous stranger, stops and picks them up. Thank you to the person who did this the other day; the sign had fallen in Lucas Valley Road and was fast on its way to becoming kindling.

 By the time I got back down the hill several hours later, there it was, pointing the way to us. This is such a small thing, I know, but it is also one of the ways in which our care for one another shows itself tangibly. One of the things I have always loved about our congregation is that we are able to teach each other, and ourselves,about what it means to care. For each other, for the newcomer, for the stranger, for the earth. There is nothing too small or too simple for any of us to do...in the same way that we hear profound theological statements and insights from the youngest among us.

To me, this sharing is at the heart of Christian community. In the monastery, the abbot takes his turn washing dishes. And in the Benedicine tradition, even the newest, youngest person is consulted for wisdom about decisions to be made. This honoring of the whole body of Christ is what creates a mutuality which we find very seldom in other places these days. It is what I value about Nativity!

 love, Stacey

This was the first Nativity, over on Blackstone across from Mary Silveira School. The garage served as the chapel (the altar is upstairs in our Sunday school room!) and the bedrooms were Sunday school rooms.

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