Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A New Day!

Back in the dark ages (well, the early 2000s), my colleague and friend Michael Barlowe told me about a new, free, internet presence called Blogger. In those times, you had to be able to wade through html programming a bit, had to spend amazing time setting a blog up, and most of all, really WANT to be a blogger.  I decided that it was a quick and easy (!) way to produce a parish website. And so I an interim measure!

As with many things in the church, interim turned out to be about ten years. Today, we have a highly tech-savvy congregation, people who want to be involved in our social media outreach, and more than anything, parishioners who are willing to put in the time to make us evermore available on the web.

So the Nativity website has hereby morphed into the Rector's blog, and we will carry on, with our vestry member and communications guru  Trish urging me to write reflections instead of worrying about keeping the website content current. I am so grateful for this opportunity and view it as yet another step in Nativity's growth towards reaching people in our own time in the way that people are reached most frequently.

So let us begin!

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