Monday, March 19, 2007

Keiskamma Altarpiece at Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral will display the Keiskamma Altarpiece, a monumental (13’x 22’) artwork created by 120 South African women, in the only Northern California stop on its North American tour, March 27 – May 27, 2007. The altarpiece, which draws inspiration from Renaissance-era altarpieces, conveys a message of hope for people who are contending with the devastation that AIDS has wrought in their lives in the midst of poverty and other hardships. It is created of embroidery, beadwork, wire sculpture and photographs. “Grace Cathedral and Hamburg, South Africa are two places 10,000 miles apart that have faced the same epidemic, and both chose to reflect their hopes in the same way, using images of the triptych and fabric,” said Alan Jones, dean of Grace Cathedral.

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