Saturday, September 2, 2006

Labor Day Prayers...

... from the Marin Interfaith Committee For Worker Justice

God of Life, we pray this day for those whose dying is hastened by lack of access to health care.

God of Love, we pray this day for the millions of people who do not have health care coverage, that their pain and anxiety might be relieved, and that we might be moved to help them.

God of Justice, we pray this day that our nation will work as one to see that all people have the health care they need.

God of the Weak, we pray this day for those who are too young, too sick, too ashamed, too discouraged to speak out for themselves and call for care.

God of Power, we pray that all who are in positions of leadership might work together to solve the problem of people living without health insurance, and for ourselves, that we might have the courage to speak out boldly about the need for all people to receive adequate health care.

God of Mercy and Compassion, we pray for those whose suffering is unrelieved by care, and for ourselves, that we might be of comfort.

God of All, you have made us in your image. Help us to reflect your goodness. Amen.

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