Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Seniors with Grace

Do you know that if you are over 50 you can participate in Seniors with Grace at Grace Cathedral? Monthly on the 4th Thursday at 10 a.m. is an interesting program and marvelous luncheon. This month on June 23rd is a special 2-hour program (10-12) designed to help seniors be successful in learning and practicing personal safety, confidence, self-protection and advocacy skills. This is followed by Holy Eucharist in the Chapel of Grace followed by the luncheon.
About a year ago Margaret Deeths asked me to help at one of the luncheons, and I've been doing it ever since, and I find the people who come most interesting and delightful. And, of course, we put on a gang-buster luncheon
(and it's free).
With questions call Jean Walker.

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