Sunday, August 10, 2003

Thank you to all who spoke from the heart... our patio circles this morning. Thank you to those who listened, thank you to those who prayed. The Holy Spirit was indeed stirring among us, just like the gentle Lucas Valley breezes. We don't all agree, but we showed the love in Christ we have for each other by being able to stay in the tension.

Speaking of tension, Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold has issued a thoughtful statement. In an Episcopal News Service release, he states: " It is my own conviction that different points of view can be held in tension within the church without issues around sexuality becoming church dividing. Others may disagree but this is my firmly held opinion. This was also the view of the House of Bishops Theology Committee and of the International Anglican Conversation on Human Sexuality that I convened following the Lambeth Conference of 1998 at the request of the Archbishop of Canterbury. This international group included twelve bishops and primates who represented a broad range of views and met over a three-year period. Their conclusion was that if matters of homosexuality were to divide the Communion, it would be, to quote from the report, “the ultimate sexualization of the Church, making sexuality more powerful, or more claiming of our attention, than God.”

Please keep talking with each other and with me and with God about all of this. Especially with God!

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