Friday, August 8, 2003

More news from General Convention

General Convention ends today and our Bishop will return home. As we expected he would, Bishop Swing voted to consent to Cn. Gene Robinson's election as Bishop of New Hampshire; if you are interested in having the list of each Bishop's vote, please send the church an email and we will forward the list to you. I cannot unfortunately locate the list on a website.

This has been a difficult week for many of us, a week of joy for some, and pain for some. For many of us, it has been both joy and pain. A friend referred me to a pastoral letter written by Bishop Jerry Lamb of the Diocese of Northern California, and I highly commend it to you. In his letter, Bishop Lamb describes the process he used to make his decision about Cn. Gene Robinson.

You may also be interested in knowing what the people of New Hampshire are saying about their Bishop-elect; take a look at their website and follow the links to the Bishop's page.

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