Saturday, August 9, 2003

Bishop Swing on General Convention

The current issues of the Pacific Church News is hitting mailboxes around Marin Country. I urge you to read Bishop Swing's letter entitled "Homosexual Issues in Church and State." In his letter, he speaks of the change of heart which happened as he moved from West Virginia to San Francisco to become the Bishop of California. The paragraph that struck me was the following:

"One day the light bulb went off for me. These gay people of San Francisco were not born in San Francisco. Actually they grew up elsewhere, and when they discovered their sexual orientation, their parents disowned them and their churches kicked them out. The gay community of San Francisco is a monument to the inability of Christian families all over the nation to accept and love their children. Bishops upstream were throwing these children in the river. I was the bishop downstream and decided to bring them to shore. Gay and lesbian members of our Diocese have been baptized in deep, drowning waters and have emerged in the fresh air of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ."

We will have copies of the entire letter available in church.

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