Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Yikes! Can it be true? Workaholism in the 6th Century???

As part of my spiritual practice, I am reading from a book which has the wise words of early church fathers and mothers. Today's was a meditation by Pope Gregory the Great from his treastise called Pastoral Care . He commends to all of us a balanced life. He says in part about church people: "...they have found significance in being weighed down by external duties, and find it impossible to stop working. They rejoice in being weighed down by the many heavy demands of the world, but neglect their inner life which ought to be the well from which they teach others."

In this mid-summer moment, I'm hoping to enjoy the days and beautiful evenings and to keep finding ways to keep inner life and work of the world in balance. Let me know what good ways you know!

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